Out of the Ordinary Requests at Plastic Mouldings
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Out of the Ordinary Requests at Plastic Mouldings

Posted on Friday 25th November 2016 09:00 by PlasticMouldings

Here at Plastic Mouldings one could be forgiven for thinking we only make average plastic moulds such as shower trays, plastic sleeves and tow bar covers. However, there are times when a customer is looking for something a bit different. 
We have had many requests over the years for a moulding which could be considered out of the ordinary. Some of our requests include a plastic ball big enough for a grown man to fit into. Although this seems like a strange request for everyday use, it was actually commissioned for a circus attraction. 

Although this was a one-off request, we have had others which have become popular sellers for Plastic Mouldings, such as windscreens for rally cars and custom hand grips for bikes. One of our favourite requests which has grown into a top seller is the 'boat washboard'. These two pieces of clear plastic allow yachters to enjoy the sunshine below deck, rather than being confined to a dull and dark cabin.

We aim to assist all customers with their custom requests, if you have a request please contact us on 01294 278091. 

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