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Frequently Asked Questions

Which are your processes?

Our processes are Dip Moulding, Latex Moulding, Plastic Casting, Slush Moulding, Rotational Moulding and Vacuum Forming.

What is the tooling cost?

In comparison to other processes the tooling costs throughout all of our divisions are by comparison low cost; obviously the prices would be dictated by the size and quantity. However they are in general very affordable.

What is the manufacture lead time?

As a standard, our lead time is approximately two weeks. However, we can in certain cases deliver the next day.

Which are your standard products?

Our standard products include, but are not limited to, handgrips, end caps, sleeves, bellows, gaiters, pontoon floats, mussel floats, and a variety of marine products.

What is the minimum order?

Our currently minimum order value is £200.00

What are the carriage charges?

We package most of our parts in cardboard boxes (which can be recycled). Typical transport costs for a box up to 15kg is £7.50. Most of our components with the exception of Rotational Mouldings include carriage to UK destinations.

What is the shore hardness of the material?

Please click here to see the Dip Moulding Material Performance chart.

Which raw materials do you use?

We manufacture products in a variety of different materials, such as plasticized PVC, Chloroprene or natural rubber, ABS, HIPS, PETG, PVC, HDPE, Polycarbonate, MDPE, and Polypropylene.

Do you use fire retardants in your material?

Yes, we can supply components manufactured from UL.94-VO.

Additives can be incorporated in all our plastisols, exept food grades, to improve their resistance to flame. The specialised grades listed above include PDM 100 FR spec. UL.94-VO which has been tested positive by the American Underwriters Laboratories Inc. Which have issued the coveted QMFZ2 yellow-card approval certification to Plastic Mouldings and we believe we are the only dip moulding company in Europe to achieve this.

We can also supply Vacuum Formings using UL.94-VO rated material and Rotational Mouldings using UL.94-V2. rated material.

Are your products UV stabilized?

Yes, we can on request add UV stabilizers to all our products.

What are your quality standards?

Plastic Mouldings Limited achieves its Quality Objectives by having an established, documented, maintained and implemented Quality Assurance System, which is in compliance with BS/EN/ISO 9001:2000 with the exception of clauses 7.3 (Design and development planning) and clause 7.5.2 (Validation of Processes for production and service provision). Neither of these two clauses is required at present. Should this situation change, then these shall be addressed within the QMS.

What can Plastic Mouldings do for you?

In short, we can make your ideas take shape, just give our sales team a call!

Plastic Mouldings